Chambers Island -- Door County, WI

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Chambers Island

North end of the Island

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Lot on the North End
(near the Dock)

  • 5 acres, near marina
  • Barn
  • Drilled Well
  • Water View

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18 acres on the SouthWest end






  • Huge 2 1/2 acre meadow near the west side beach

  • Beach easement
    {beach is 385' from land}

  • Newly added Well

  • Water View



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Another 5 acre lot adjoining the lot above (south)
(parcel #2)
Click above parcel #1 to view)

  • 5 acres
  • Also has a clearing and a small shed
  • Has rustic shed for tractor, etc (shed #2)

Just became available


Door County Land Trust:
Acquires more land on Chambers

Door County Land Trust:
More Chambers Island Land Yet!
Inland lake islands

(An island within an island)

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Up for an Island Wedding? (Check this out)




Nice Door County Video
(with considerable Chambers Island footage)




The old silo greets you - at the Island's Marina


Our Island Swimming Beach



North Bay Beach


Heading to Chambers


Some Island Info



Sunset over the Inland Lake - pic by Capt Mike


Fresh Fish from the Island - Right off the Pan


Hauling a new fire-ring to Chambers (for better grilling)


I love this grill.
Got steak?


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