Chambers Island Lot
Door County, WI
17 acres - Water View

With Easement to the Beach
(Land is only 383' from the water)

(For Sale By Owner)

Possible Land Contract

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The lot is on the south-western end of the Island, and has an easement to the wonderful sw sandy shore. The driveway to the lot is off the Town's Baseline road, very near the southern tip of the Island. At that point of the road, you can hear the water from both sides (east and west) of the Island.

Talk about a serene spot......... It's where you hear only the "quiet" of Nature.

Chambers Island Lot



The Lot and its Views

Lot Location




The Beach on Chambers
(Via the Easement Area)
Land is 383' from this beach

Chambers Island Beach
Looking to the north

Where else in Door County can you look
down a beach and see no activity for miles?

The Beach - looking to the south


    Easement to the Beach    
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View from the mini-bluff


The wooded part of the lot


This land has an Open Meadow with a sloping grade towards the water


Imagine the following cabin buit on the open land



Contact Info



Some Friends on the Beach


A Sunset from the Beach Easement

Some "Beach Art"




For more information on the property,
Call: (920) 868-3413

Chambers Island Land For Sale